EXPLOTRIP – Game Jam Build

EXPLOTRIP, a challenging and fast-paced platformer made for the GM48: Countdown, sees you using a reusable bomb to propel yourself around its levels!

In EXPLOTRIP you carry a bomb which will fully detonate when the timer reaches zero. You don’t want to be holding the bomb when this happens, so you must rush around the level, looking to make it to the ending portal. Luckily for you, you can trigger mini-explosions to propel quickly in a direction. You don’t have much time to make it to the end of the level, so you will need the quick movement to actually get there in time, however you will need to be skillful and calculated with when you use it.

Though EXPLOTRIP only contains 15 levels, they become quite challenging and are very fun to work your way through. It’s a fast paced and fun little platformer with tight controls and level design that makes good use of your explosion-based means of propulsion. See if you can make it all the way through!

Download EXPLOTRIP Here (Windows)