EXPOSURE – Beta Demo

EXPOSURE is a very stylish dodge ‘em up that plays a little like a pacifist version of Ikaruga as you switch colors to allow you to camouflage yourself on top of differently colored objects and avoid predators.

In EXPOSURE you took control of a defenseless little creature that avoids predators by using adaptive camouflage. You can move around the screen as in a top-down twin-stick shooter and you can press a button to instantly switch your color from black to white. Being white allows you to hide on white objects and being black allows you to hide on black objects.

The levels automatically scroll and you need to try and make your way through them while avoiding the various predators that stalk around them.There’s also white and black food for you to collect that increases your health and creates a trail of children that follow you (though they’re easily picked off by predators). As you make your way through the levels you’ll encounter bosses and the game also has branching pathways that depend on what color of food you’ve eaten.

It’s a very stylish game that delivers a unique twist on the classic bullet hell shooter. It feels very organic and zen-like, and although you’re the bottom of the food-chain in its dangerous world, you do get a real feeling of satisfaction from flitting between hiding spots and outsmarting your predators.

Download The EXPOSURE Beta Demo Here (Steam)