Express Delivery – Game Jam Build

express delivery

Express Delivery, a short game made for the Nordic Game Jam 2015, takes you on the most stressful ride of your life.

In this funny but short game you play a taxi cab driver who has just picked up a woman who is in the late stages of labor, and must reach the hospital before the baby arrives. This seems like an impossible task as the road is full of backed up traffic. It is up to you to weave in and out of cars, dodge people, and try to make it to the hospital before the baby is delivered.

While weaving around vehicles and people, and driving along the sidewalk, you’re bound to crash into things. Crashing into a person or car will cause the lady’s heart rate to increase. Once her heart rate increases too much, the baby pops out of her into your cab! You can watch your distance, and attempt to calm down the lady by telling her to breath or that we are almost there. Instead of calming down, however, she seems to just swear at you and tell you to go faster. Some people are just ungrateful of the work you do as a taxi driver!

Get the woman to the hospital in time, or crash into as many things as you can. Either way, Express Delivery is a fun ride.

Note: To add to the chaos, press the ‘Y’ button!

Play Express Delivery on your Unity supported browser HERE