Extra Life Jam Bundle – Game Jam Builds


MADJAM 2015 was a series of four game jams in Edmonton, Alberta hosted by indie developer and publisher MADSOFT Games. The fourth and final game jam was held in conjunction with Extra Life Edmonton during their annual 24-hour charity gaming marathon to raise funds for the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, a part of the Children’s Miracle Network. The Stollery Children’s Hospital treats hundreds of thousands of children from across Canada each year, and now you can help.

Seven games were built during the jam and the games have been bundled together into the Extra Life Jam Bundle, now available for purchase at a pay-what-you-want price. All proceeds from the sales of the Extra Life Jam Bundle will go directly to help Extra Life Edmonton raise funds for the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation.

List of Included Games:

  1. Epic Forest Fire of Mystery is a top-down, asymmetric two-player arena game where each player controls either Water Girl or Fire Guy for domination of a forested map! Fire Guy wins if he manages to uncover all the level’s hideouts while Water Girl wins if she manages to thwart Fire Guy’s attempts until the timer runs out. Epic Forest Fire of Mystery is best played with Xbox 360 controllers.
  2. Shuriken Dodgr is an Oculus Rift game where you must dodge incoming shuriken using your heightened ninja hearing. Shuriken Dodgr has excellent level progression and is simply hilarious to watch other people play. In order to properly play, you should be playing while standing using headphones and an Oculus Rift.
  3. Cheer Up is challenging, click-and-drag casual game where you must satisfy the needs of your townspeople before they succumb to depression. Due to some balancing issues, you’ll need to be quick on the draw and constantly aware of the status of your townspeople in order to survive.
  4. Hammer Time is a goofy endless runner where you play as a time-thief forced to forever relive your last failed time-heist. You’ll smash through artefacts as you try to flee the time-police but watch out! Smash a cursed object and you’ll slow down!
  5. Oceanage is a two-person cooperative game where you play as a pair of spies attempting to gain access to a forbidden facility via a waterway. In the original version of the game, the spy in the boat must protect the swimming spy from sharks, and the swimming spy must remove nets and bombs to protect the boatman.
  6. Circuit Square is a beautiful and simplistic puzzle game originally developed with the iPhone 6S’s new touch technology in mind. The developer has adapted the game for the web so you’ll need a mouse to play.
  7. Desert Court is an adorable puzzle game where you play as the King of Balloons. Due to a horrible curse, you’ve been transformed into a cactus and now you can’t even touch your citizens with hurting them. The game only has one puzzle but the mechanics of moving your citizens around the stage is certainly entertaining! You’ll need an Xbox 360 controller to play.

When you download the bundle, you’ll be invited to add your email address and sign-up for the MADSOFT Games mailing list. When updates for the games are added, you’ll receive emails with new downloads and online access free of charge! So go on: Let’s play some silly games and help some sick kids!

Note: You’ll be invited to vote on your favorite game after downloading the bundle. Voting will help decide the individual winners of the yearlong MADJAM event. You can read more about MADJAM 2015 here.

Download The Extra Life Jam Bundle Here