Eye Of The Beholder – Student Game

Eye Of The Beholder is a beautiful ball-rolling puzzle adventure where you work with local wildlife and solve freeform perspective based puzzles as you make your way through a mysterious ancient world.

Drawing inspiration from The Witness and the Museum of Simulation Technology tech demo by Pillow Castle, in Eye Of The Beholder you control a Monkey Ball-esque Sci-Fi orb as it journeys through a beautiful low poly game world. There are platforming elements, but the majority of the game is exploration and puzzle based, either revolving around various animal helpers that you can command or your ability to grab and manipulate objects, with their size changing dependent on your perspective.

The animal helpers come in various forms throughout your journey and are mainly used for activating switches or providing objects for you to grab and manipulate. Manipulating objects so that they are the size that you want them to takes a little practice, but it’s all about perspective – so if you grab an object when it’s close to you and then place it somewhere further away from you then it will be significantly larger in its new position.

There are a few issues with Eye Of The Beholder – mainly due to how fiddly the manipulation of objects is and that it can sometimes be extremely tricky to get them to be the correct size for the puzzles you’re trying to solve. However, it’s worth persevering during the more frustrating moments as it’s a well crafted puzzle adventure with some great puzzle design, a very chilled out atmosphere and a gorgeous low poly game world to explore. An inventive little puzzle adventure where it’s size, rather than beauty, that’s in the eye of the beholder.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Eye Of The Beholder Here (Windows)