Face Out – Game Jam Build

Face Out, a Breakout-style arcade game infused with a Far East visual novel narrative made for the A Game By It’s Cover 2017, takes you on the journey of an old samurai, cursed and being hunted by soldiers for his deeds.

In Face Out you are a cursed samurai, trying to make it through the country to safety. Along the way, various events are triggered and you can choose your reaction to them (as long as you are fast enough in picking them). This will often then trigger a short Breakout-style level which you need to complete to continue the narrative.

Most of the blocks in the Breakout-style levels are normally white, but sometimes other colored blocks show up. Red blocks are most common and fight back – once you hit them, they throw a dagger towards your sword/paddle. You must hit the dagger with your ball or avoid it completely. Sometimes power-ups in the form of a larger sword, extra balls, or your own daggers will appear for you to collect as well.

It has a fairly simple visual style, but Face Out impresses with its captivating narrative full of interesting decisions and lots of brick bashing arcade action. Will you make it to safety or will this curse forever haunt you?

Play Face Out Here (Browser)