Face Your Fate – Student Project Game

Face Your Fate is a spooky and surreal third person puzzle adventure where you possess freaky looking crab creatures and jellyfish spirits as you guide a man to face his final judgement.

In Face Your Fate you don’t play as the main character in the game. Instead you accompany him and help lead the way as he makes his way through the afterlife to receive his final judgment. Along the way you learn more about the hardships he’s had in his lifetime and what he has done to end up in this hellish place.

The man walks on through the game world until he meets an obstruction, at which point you need to find creatures that can aid his progress. There are two main types of creature to possess – crab-like creatures and jellyfish-like creatures. The crabs come in various shapes and sizes and can knock over obstructions, climb walls and be used as stepping stones. The jellyfish on the other hand can float around in the air by pointing them in a direction and boosting.

The narrative is a little tricky to understand in Face Your Fate, possibly due to translation issues, but other than that it’s a very impressive little game. The visual design is superb, with a cel shaded visual style reminiscent of the Telltale games, the puzzles are well designed and it’s great fun being able to possess the various types of creatures. A fate well worth facing.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Face Your Fate Here (Windows)