Faceless: The Sorrowvirus – Beta Demo

Faceless: The Sorrowvirus is a first person supernatural horror adventure which sees you trapped in an eternal looping nightmare where you attempt to collect creepy dolls and free the souls that are trapped within them.

The narrative of Faceless revolves around a cursed city, an unearthly being called The Soulrender and a series of dolls that have souls trapped within them. The full version will feature one main multiplayer campaign and three separate single-player short stories. The current demo build features the entirety of one of these short stories (The Sorrowvirus) and has four different endings and has significant changes to the game world on each new playthrough whether you find a new ending or not).

Even though it’s a demo, Faceless: The Sorrowvirus features a lot of content and feels like it could easily have been released as a full game. It takes around an hour to play through the first time, but you’ll need to do some serious investigation to find the other three endings. There’s no combat, it’s more about solving puzzles and unravelling a mystery, but you can be killed by stationary monsters if you’re careless enough to walk into them or if you run out of time.

It’s a genuinely scary and unsettling game that doesn’t rely on jump scares (there are a couple though) and captivates you with its intriguing narrative. The visuals are fantastic, with beautifully crafted environments that are packed full of detail. A very impressive horror adventure that you’ll want to play through multiple times as you unravel its dark secrets. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Faceless Beta Demo Here (Steam)