Faceted Flight – Alpha Demo

faceted flight

Faceted Flight is a wonderful low poly arcade flight sim that allows you to hop in the cockpit of a remarkably agile Hover Jet and pilot your way through beautifully stylized environments.

Developed with VR in mind (but not necessary to play), you get a great feeling of exhilaration as you swoop and swerve around mountainsides in your nimble little vehicle.  The Alpha Demo offers up a couple of levels of fun gameplay, with you tasked with piloting your way through the beautiful low polly landscapes and collecting as many rings as possible.  It’s a fun experience, especially in VR, and with the devs working on adding more levels, gameplay modes, vehicles and even multiplayer, we can’t wait to see more of this low poly pilot experience.

Check Out the Faceted Flight Greenlight Page HERE

Download the Free Alpha Demo, or Purchase the Full Alpha HERE