Facewound – Beta Download


Facewound is a fun, brutal and bloody 2D run and gun side scroller, with an impressive particle physics engine, ragdoll effects, a vast array of weaponry and huge hordes of monsters to use them on.

The original aim for the devs was to make a 2D shooter with all of the effects of something like Counter-Strike: Source.  They’ve certainly achieved that and a whole lot more, with impressive visual effects, massive explosions, a very cool slow-mo ability, and a large assortment of weaponry to blow away hordes of zombies, spacebrains, ghosts, skeletons, rocks, fish and more.  Taking down swarms of these monsters is superb fun, whether popping heads with a magnum, decimating groups with a shotgun, nuking them with explosives or just charging at them with a chainsaw – in Facewound killing things just looks so cool, particularly in slow-mo.

The extensive armoury is unlocked through a shop (accessed by pressing ‘B’), where you can use your hard earned plutonium to purchase bow & arrows, grenades, sawn off shotguns, chainsaws, landmines, AK-47s, Miniguns, Flamethrowers and more.  It’s best upgrading your weapon as soon as possible as the basic handgun is fairly weak and the rest of the weaponry is so much fun (Hint: Jump into the wall on your left when you start the game and you’ll find a secret area full of plutonium that you can use to upgrade your weaponry).

There may be all manner of monsters out to get you in Facewound, but by far the most deadly thing in the game is the humble oil barrel.  God knows what’s in them, but Facewound has by far the most devastatingly explosive oil barrels ever witnessed in a game – causing massive explosions that shake the screen and decimate anything nearby, including you.  A general rule of thumb for these drums is: if you can see it when it explodes you will die.  So if you see one on fire, RUN!

Running and gunning in Facewound is incredible fun, blowing away hordes of monsters with overpowered weaponry in slow motion never gets old.  It’s also peppered with nice little touches like humorous billboards and secret areas.  It really is a blast (especially if you stand too close to those oil barrels).

Download the Beta HERE (press ‘B’ for the weapon shop)