FACTS AND FUTURES is a clever little radio wave tuning Sci-Fi puzzler that sees you attempting to match radio wave patterns to decode a mysterious message of warning about the widespread belief in untruths.

In FACTS AND FUTURES you are tasked with decoding broadcasts from an unknown source from another reality which delivers a stark warning about the dangers of spreading untruths and how they can become a real. In each puzzle you are presented with two different radio waves and must attempt to match them by feeding with the Amplitude, Frequency, In Phase and Ripple settings. The puzzles start off fairly easily, with you only having to adjust one setting, but things get trickier later on as more settings are used. Once you decode a set amount of signals you’ll then hear more of the message, which paints a bleak image of the damage untruths are doing to reality.

It’s a great little game that combines fun puzzle mechanics with a great sense of atmosphere and an intriguing Sci-Fi narrative. Matching up the radio signals is a lot less fiddly than it first looks and you can feel yourself becoming more skilled at spotting the pattern as you go. The Sci-Fi narrative that warns of the spreading of untruths is timely as well – although it’s more about The Mandela Effect than the Trump-era of ‘alternate facts’. A well crafted and thought provoking little sci-fi puzzler well worth tuning in to.

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