Faded in Light – Alpha Demo

Faded in Light is a narrative-driven Sci-Fi horror adventure where you are a test subject in a research facility that’s searching for a cure for a mysterious virus.

In Faded in Light you take on the role of CODE 006, a teenage boy who has been a test subject in a research facility for all of his life. You are experimented on, but your life seems reasonably pleasant in the facility and the researchers are hoping to find a cure for a deadly virus that’s plaguing humanity. However, one day the lights go out and a monster that grows stronger in the darkness starts stalking people…

The current build of Faded in Light takes around 15 minutes to play through and features a nice mixture of narrative, creepy atmosphere and puzzles as you try to escape from the monster lurking in the facility. The retro visual style works well and the narrative is very intriguing. The only issue at the moment is that it’s not that scary and the demo ends before you have a proper encounter with the monster. That being said, it’s a great little teaser for the upcoming game with an interesting premise and an intriguing story.

Download The Faded in Light Alpha Demo Here (Windows)