Faerie Afterlight – Alpha Download

Faerie Afterlight is a chilled out and challenging action platforming metroidvania where you control two characters simultaneously as you solve puzzles and fight monsters in a beautiful fairy world.

In Faerie Afterlight you control a little mythical creature called Kimo with the left analog stick and their fairy companion, Wispy, with the right stick. Kimo can attack and can move with Meat Boy-esque levels of precision as you jump and fight your way through the game world. Wispy on the other hand floats near Kimo and can be used to manipulate the environment and the creatures to allow Kimo to progress through the game world. The two must work together to gather pieces of a powerful light source called “Lucentia” and save the world from eternal darkness.

The Faerie Afterlight Alpha build takes around 15 minutes to play through and really impresses with its responsive controls, beautiful visuals and fun dual character gameplay. A particular highlight is being able to use Wispy to possess enemies in the game world, essentially turning them into moving platforms for Kimo to hop on. The fairy world is a fascinating place to explore and it’s got a wonderfully chilled out atmosphere too (aside from the freaky big spider boss fight!).

Download The Alpha Here (Windows)