Fail Composite – Game Jam Build Download

Fail Composite is a hilarious local multiplayer game in which one player remembers a criminal’s face and relays it to the second player who is the sketch artist, then a third player has to use the sketch to identify the criminal out of the line up.

In Fail Composite one player takes on the role of the Victim, another takes on the role of the Composite Artist and a third is the Lineup Identifier (although it can still be a challenge with just two players with one player being the sketch artist and lineup identifier. The Victim gets a few seconds to memorise a face that shows up on the screen (no other players are allowed to see it), then must try to describe the criminal as best they can to the Composite Artist.

The drawing tools are pretty basic and you only get a short amount of time to do your sketch, so it’s unlikely you’ll get anywhere near a perfect likeness, but if you can at least highlight identifying characteristics like hairstyles and earrings then it helps a lot. Once the sketch is completed it’s time for player three to try and use the sketch to identify the criminal from a lineup – this is when most of the hilarity ensues as often the sketch will end up looking nothing like the criminal (most of the time you’re lucky if it looks human!)

It’s a fun little cooperative party game that can produce some ridiculous looking composite sketches and also highlights how tough it actually is to remember and relay distinguishing characteristics of a face. If you manage to get more than a 50% conviction rate you’re doing exceptionally well!

Download Fail Composite Here (Link at Bottom of Page)