Fairly Nude – Alpha Demo

Fairly Nude is a ridiculously tough rage inducing precision platformer that trolls you for your failures as you try to navigate its deviously designed levels.

Taking a leaf out of Super Meat Boy’s playbook, Fairly Nude sees you attempting to guide your little naked man through a series of near-impossible levels. The current build only features three levels, but it takes a while to complete and you’ll die a LOT. In each level you have to collect a trophy and make it to the exit, with you earning a ranking depending on how well you did and how many bonus coins you collect.

It’s an incredibly tough game right from the start, and to up your rage levels, rather than offering words of encouragement when you fail, Fairly Nude will actually insult you, with a big ‘F**K YOU’ popping up on the screen. It also offers added bonus insults now and again such as ‘u want some?’ or ‘you need to be slapped with a d*ck’. Depending on your temperament, these insults can help spur you on or they can wind you up and cause even more mistakes!

It’s a great little game with a nice sense of humor, nice pixel art animation and some fiendishly tough level design. Well worth checking out for some rage inducing precision platforming fun.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Fairly Nude Alpha Demo Here (Windows)

2 thoughts on “Fairly Nude – Alpha Demo”

  1. Reminds me of Styx where the main character will shout “F**k you!” when falling to death or scolds you in a short cutscene when you failed again.
    I liked that feature. :D

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