FAITH: Chapter 3 – Beta Demo

FAITH: Chapter 3 is the third installment of the excellent retro MS-DOS styled exorcism horror game from Airdorf, this time seeing a young priest investigating an occult disturbance in a mysterious block of flats.

You don’t need to have played any of the previous FAITH games enjoy FAITH: Chapter 3, but we’d highly recommend checking them out as they are excellent. This third instalment sees your priest investigating a disturbance reported by one of his parishioners. After turning up at his parishoner’s apartment building it soon becomes apparent that it’s inhabited by a Satanic cult, intent on summoning an extremely powerful demon. You now have to unravel the dark secrets hidden within the building, armed with your trusty crucifix.

The demo build of FAITH: Chapter 3 takes around an hour to play through and features multiple endings, plenty of easter eggs to discover and lots of horrific ways to die. The sound design is fantastic throughout with a tension building soundtrack and the series’ trademark distorted robotic voice samples sounding as good as ever (MORTIS!). The pixel art animation is superb too, especially the various rotoscoped cutscenes that really help bring the characters (and the monsters) to life.

The previous FAITH games were easily some of the most unique, inventive and terrifying horror games in recent memory and this third installment looks set to continue that tradition. Airdorf does an incredible job of squeezing terror from every on-screen pixel and building a fascinating world full of occult horrors. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Faith Chapter 3 Beta Demo Here (Steam)