FAITH: Chapter II – Beta Demo

FAITH: Chapter II is the second terrifying installment of the retro survival horror that sees a young priest unearthing a satanic mystery with only his crucifix to save him from the forces of darkness.

If you haven’t already played the original FAITH game then we highly recommend checking it out. It doesn’t really affect the narrative of FAITH: Chapter II, but it was one of the most terrifying games of 2017 and some of the retro animated cutscenes are incredible.

The FAITH: Chapter II Beta demo offers a vertical slice of the game and seems to be set shortly after the first chapter. It’s set during the 1980’s in a period of widespread paranoia of devil-worshiping, witchcraft, and occult practices, known as the “Satanic Scare”. Yet again you start the game by a roadside and must ward off monsters with your crucifix as you make your way to a creepy old house, solve puzzles and piece together a satanic mystery. There are some interesting twists to the gameplay though and it’s not quite as punishingly tough as its predecessor.

It’s an incredibly tense game that manages to build an extraordinary amount of terror out of its retro ZX Spectrum/MS-DOS visuals and horrifying garbled chip-tune audio. It takes some incredible game design to squeeze that much terror out of so few pixels. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The FAITH Chapter II Beta Demo Here