FAKE SIGNALS is a John Wick inspired 2D action game where a lone badass shoots, stabs and slices his way through hideouts filled with unsuspecting goons.

The gameplay in FAKE SIGNALS is a little like a side-on viewed Hotline Miami with lots of cool John Wick trappings. In the game you’re a lone protagonist who has lost their memory in an explosion and has set out for a bit of bloody vengeance.

You generally start each level in FAKE SIGNALS with a large knife and a stylish suit and must fight your way through hideouts gathering weapons as you go. Melee weapons can be used as much as you like, but guns only contain a few bullets (usually 3 or 4) so you need to grab new ones from hiding places as often as possible. Thankfully though there are plenty of guns and they can do some serious damage.

It’s an excellent game which really does allow you to embrace your inner John Wick as you fight your way through each hideout leaving a trail of dead bodies in your wake. The guns all feel great and even the smaller ones allow for some very satisfying headshots. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The FAKE SIGNALS Beta Demo Here (Windows)