Faking It – Game Jam Build Download

Faking It is a tricky little multitasking game where a President attempts to make it through a speech while avoiding letting it slip that he’s an alien.

Created for Ludum Dare 53, Faking It is a delightfully silly little game about an alien pretending to be a President called Hugh Mann. You have an important speech to perform, but to avoid being rumbled as an alien you’ll need to keep your body language in check. This involves clicking on your tentacles to hide them, moving your arms to the correct positions, keeping your eyes focused on the autocue and blinking when your eyes get lizardy.

It’s a fun game with a simple but effective art style, a great premise and a nice mixture of tasks to deal with. See how long you can help Hugh Mann pretend to be a human!

Download Faking It Here (Windows)