Fall of light – Beta Demo

Fall of light is a story driven dungeon crawler that plays like Dark Souls infused with the companionship elements of ICO as you attempt to navigate a dark underworld and attempt to take your daughter to see the last remnants of sunlight.

In Fall of Light you play Nyx, an old retired warrior who is attempting to take his daughter to the last place on Earth that’s still touched by sunlight. You are strong with a sword, but there are many dangers in the long forgotten temples you are exploring and you’ll want to keep your daughter safe from harm – she is the light that pierces the darkness and the only one who can unlock forbidden passages.

Fall of light wears its inspirations on its sleeve – namely Dark Souls and ICO. The level design, tactical stamina-based dodge-and-attack combat and the hidden secrets feel very much like Dark Souls, while the way you guide and hold hands with your glowing daughter is straight out of ICO. You’ll want to keep your daughter near and protect her too, she’s the only pure and innocent thing in this dark and somber world.

Fall of light does have a few rough edges, specifically with regards to the voice work and a slightly too clunky combat system, but it shows a lot of promise. It plays a lot like a top-down Dark Souls (which is a good thing) and the companionship of your daughter is a welcome ray of light on your journey through darkness. You’ll need some serious sword skills to ever make it to the last remnants of sunlight though. Praise the sun!

Tip: Things get tough very quickly in Fall of Light, you may want to backtrack and explore once you find the sword, before venturing on – a powerful foe awaits!

Download The Fall of light Beta Demo Here (Steam – Download Link On Right Side of Page)