Fallen Aces – Beta Demo

Fallen Aces is a very stylish first person brawler where you punch, bludgeon, stab and shoot your way through dens of villainy in a corrupt crime noir city.

With gameplay inspired by classic 90’s FPS games (but with much more brawling) and a very slick comic book style, Fallen Aces makes you feel like the hero of your very own comic book. In the game you take on the role of a PI who helps fight crime in Switchblade city. This generally involves a lot of fighting, but in Fallen Aces there’s always a stealthy option too.

The demo build of Fallen Aces features one large level with multiple routes to discover as you infiltrate a nightclub and take down a gangster called Matches Mallone. The game does contain guns, but most of the time you’ll be using melee combat, with you able to punch, kick, use melee weapons, throw objects, execute finishers and use stealth takedowns.

Stealth is a very important part of the game, but thankfully you’re never screwed if you get spotted – it just means that you’d better be ready for a fight! A lot of the time you won’t want to be stealthy anyway as the combat in Fallen Aces is so much fun, with lots of bone-crunching impacts and a good variety of weapon options at your disposal.

It could perhaps do with a few more skins for the goons you’re beating up, but other than that Fallen Aces is a blast. The stealth action brawler gameplay works very well and even the single level in the demo has plenty of replayability as you try different tactics and routes. There’s lots to discover and a particular highlight is an extended toilet scene that will make you laugh and want to hurl. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Fallen Aces Beta Demo Here (Steam)