Fallen Angel – Alpha Download

Fallen Angel is a stylish pixel art hack ‘n slash action RPG where you control the dark lord Lucifer as he attempts to fight his way through heaven to come face to face with his creator.

In Fallen Angel you’re not just a bad guy, you’re THE bad guy, Lucifer himself, but it seems that maybe you’re actually on the side of good this time. God has gone silent and the archangels have hatched their own nefarious plans for the divine realm. You must now fight your way through weird and warped holy realms as you battle the angelic armies and try to meet your maker.

The hack ‘n slash action RPG gameplay in Fallen Angel is fast paced and fun, with you having a nice selection of attacks and abilities at your disposal, as well as being able to find and use a variety of guns. You also have a rage meter that fills up as you fight, allowing you to temporarily unleash a powerful demon form.

The pixel art animation in Fallen Angel is excellent and becoming lucifer and fighting your way through Heaven is a great concept. The combat is a lot of fun too (although your demon form’s gun is a little OP) and fighting angels makes a nice change from demonic monsters!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Fallen Angel Alpha Here (Steam)

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  1. Yo….. Love the Game. I love the music and what you based the game on. I’ve got some bugs though I thought you should know on the Second Boss fight if you get killed by an enemy as you enter the Evalator, The Evalator gets placed outta bounds and I can’t do anything to reach it. I not sure if you thought this could happen but it happened to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Welp Love your game man, Keep up the good work :)

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