Fallen Leaf – Beta Demo

Fallen Leaf is a delightful Megaman inspired retro action platforming adventure where a treasure hunter sets out to vanquish an ancient evil that he’s mistakenly released.

In Fallen Leaf you take on the role of Leaf – a treasure hunter who opened the wrong chest in a cave and released an ancient evil ruler. You now need to set out across over 70 levels in search of some means of defeating the evil ruler. Thankfully, you have some nifty magical gauntlets to aid you and a roster of extended relatives that can help out too, including the “heroic wizard” who sealed the ruler away in the first place.

It’s a great little action platforming adventure with vibrant 16 bit visuals, great level design, plenty of secrets to discover and a catchy chip-tune soundtrack. It’s also very funny and has characters that you instantly warm to. An excellent bit of lighthearted retro action platforming fun.

Download The Fallen Leaf Beta Demo Here (Steam)