Fallow – Alpha Demo


Fallow is a Gothic Americana adventure game that oozes atmosphere, with a deep storyline and a beautiful monochrome pixel art style.

You take control of Isabelline Fallo, a farmhand in the strange alien world of Fallow who has come to accept that she’s a little bit crazy.  As well as being unsure if what she see’s is real a lot of the time, she also sleepwalks, waking up in a new location every day and having to make her way home.

The world of Fallow is a beautiful place to explore, with a strange mixture of surreal Americana and alien artefacts.  The muted color scheme and sombre soundtrack make for a beautiful and heavy atmosphere that draws you in to it’s strange old world – a world which you’ll want to see every last monochrome inch of.

Download the Fallow Alpha Demo Here