Fallow – Beta Demo

Fallow is a beautiful and eerie narrative-driven adventure that blends Gothic Americana and strange alien structures as a girl searches for her sisters in a world that’s begun to forget itself.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer way back in 2014, the full version of Fallow is finally due for release next month. It’s a beautifully crafted adventure set in a strange wasteland filled with mysterious alien structures. In the game you follow the story of Isabelline Fallow, a young woman who sleepwalks every night and has to find her way home every morning. She did have two close friends (who she calls her sisters) who looked out for her, but they’re gone now. Perhaps on her road home she’ll be able to find them again.

There’s a real melancholic feel to Fallow as you explore its fascinating world. It’s a place clearly was once home to some great feats of engineering, but is now just a forgotten place full of crumbling relics of a bygone age. The people who built and maintained the structures/machinery you find are long gone, making it a very lonely, quiet and eerie experience as you make your way through the wastelands.

It’s a beautiful game with some fantastic pixel artwork and a wonderful soundtrack that really draws you into Isabelline’s adventure. The writing is also incredibly well done and does a great job of fleshing out Fallow’s forgotten world. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Fallow Beta Demo Here (Windows)