Family Man – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

We have 5,000 Steam Beta keys to give away for Family Man, a Breaking Bad-esque narrative driven low poly open world RPG adventure that tests just how far you will go for the sake of your family.

First featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last August, Family Man is a first person narrative driven RPG adventure that puts you in the role of a normal everyday family man who may have to resort to some immoral pursuits to provide for his family. You owe money to the mob and have just 30 days to pay it back. You can try to earn an honest living by doing minimum wage jobs, but it’s unlikely you’ll make enough by flipping burgers – you may have to resort to a life of crime to make enough cash to save you and your family…

You’re given complete freedom to choose what jobs you’ll do and how deep you want to get into the criminal underworld. Your actions have consequences though – your neighborhood may suffer, your marriage might break down, your son may become estranged or your family may become stronger than ever. The relationships you build and the people you help (or hinder) will affect the narrative, but will also unlock handy bonuses.

We have 5000 Family Man Steam Beta Keys to give away! To Claim your key just carry out any three actions in the giveaway widget below and your key will appear instantly.  The Beta will be live from 5pm GMT today and will run all through the weekend to Monday, you can give feedback via the official Discord Channel and check out the official Steam page here.

Family Man – Steam Beta Key Giveaway!

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