Famous Knight – Game Jam Build

Famous Knight is a tricky little dungeon crawling adventure in which fame really does have a price – in the form of crowds of cheering fans who keep getting in the way of your heroic deeds!

In Famous Knight you play a brave Knight who’s been tasked by the king to go forth, conquer castles and earn crowds of adoring fans. Unfortunately for you the fans are keen to follow you wherever you go – even into the dangerous dungeons filled with traps, enemies and deadly bosses.

Lots of your loyal fans will die horribly, but that’s not too big of a problem, it’ll just mean you earn a little less fame at the end of the dungeon. The real problem is that your fans keep on getting in the way – you’ll need to barge past them, sign autographs, deal with the constant camera flashes and contend with them accidentally triggering booby traps.

There are only three dungeons in Famous Knight, but they’re pretty tough and will require some real sword skills to complete (especially with your army of adoring fans on tow). Each time you complete a dungeon you’ll be able to select upgrades for your character, some of which improve your fighting skills, some of which are cosmetic items that make you look cooler (and possibly earn you more fans).

It’s a great little game that really impresses with its charming pixel art animation, big bosses and challenging fast paced combat that’s impeded by your adorable, but idiotic fans. Fame really has its drawbacks in this clever little dungeon crawler.

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