Fan Fright! – Game Jam Build Download

fan fright game

Fan Fright! is a fun little first person shooter in which you play as adorable voxel-based versions of Pewdiepie, Markiplier or Jacksepticeye, battling crazed fans and attempting to gain the most YouTube subscribers.

Created for the Indies Vs Gamers Game Jam, gameplay in Fan Fright! is simple but fun.  After being randomly assigned a popular YouTuber you roam around your house, picking up weapons, ammo and YouTube subscription bonuses, all the while battling crazed fans who are trying to get you.  When you shoot these fans, they subscribe to your channel and exit your home.  The combat is fairly easy at first, but gets trickier later on, as tougher fans are introduced, and you’ll need to make sure you’re not backed into a corner if your ammo is running low.

Fan Fright! is a fun game full of charm and character, the adorable voxel based visuals surpass the fairly simple first person shooting gameplay, but it’s certainly one of the best fan games we’ve ever played.

Tip:  Press ‘C’ to change camera angles

Check Out Some Fan Fright! Gameplay HERE

Download Fan Fright! HERE (Win & Mac)