Fantastic Journeys – Prototype Download

Fantastic Journeys game

Fantastic Journeys is a beautiful Unreal Engine 4 powered Jumping Flash! inspired 3D Platformer that transports you to vast, vibrant and colorful landscapes full of awe and child-like wonder.

We first featured Fantastic Journeys on ABG last July and found its colorful electric candyland a joy to explore.  Now, to coincide with the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, the dev has released a huge update, that introduces XP, money, shops (buy a teleportation gun!), power-ups, tons of secrets, an all new soundtrack and much more.

The Prototype gives you access to a huge open level full of secrets and cool places to unearth.  In it you must destroy 5 pylons and make it to the exit at the top of the level, how you do this is entirely up to you – there are a multitude of routes in this huge open world.  If you enjoy the first level, you can unlock a second bonus level instantly by pledging as little as $1 in the Kickstarter.

It’s a wonderful feeling exploring the vibrant worlds of Fantastic Journeys, packed with so much joy and cheer that it feels like a glorious ray of sunshine – a perfect cure for any January blues.

Once unzipped the .exe will be located in this folder: \FantasticJourneys\Binaries\Win64
Thanks to the all-new soundtrack, YouTube Let’s Plays will no longer suffer from copyright infringements.  Let’s Plays & Twitch streams are highly encouraged!

Check Out a Gameplay Trailer HERE

Check Out the Kickstarter & Download the Prototype HERE