Fantastic Journeys – Prototype Download

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Fantastic Journeys is a wonderful Unreal Engine 4 Powered 3D action platformer inspired by Jumping Flash! and Metroid Prime, that sees you jumping your way towards a goal at to top of some of the most colourful and vibrant open world levels ever seen.

The amount of freedom afforded by the game’s level design is fantastic, with the huge open world levels offering up multiple routes and secrets – there always seems to be something new to discover in this glorious technicolour candyland.  There are no checkpoints, so if you fall it can be a long way down, but thankfully the platforming is remarkably accurate, thanks to the ability to dash in the air, jump, double jump, triple jump and even quadruple jump your way from platform to platform.

The Prototype gives you access to a large open level full of areas to explore and beautiful vistas, and a smaller bonus level packed with enemies, bizarre landmarks and some destructible terrain.  It really is a joy to explore the worlds of Fantastic Journeys – it’s like Jumping Flash!, updated in Unreal Engine 4 and turned up to 11.  The games developer doesn’t have a website/Facebook/Twitter account at the moment, but we’ll keep you updated with the game’s progress at Alpha Beta Gamer.

Once unzipped the .exe will be located in this folder: \FantasticJourneys\Binaries\Win64

Thanks to the all-new soundtrack, YouTube Let’s Plays will no longer suffer from copyright infringements. Let’s Plays & Twitch streams are highly encouraged!

Watch the Devs gameplay video HERE

Watch an Alpha Beta Gamer playthough HERE

Download the Fantastic Journeys Prototype HERE

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