Farewell North – Beta Demo

Farewell North is a beautiful narrative driven third person puzzle adventure where a dog brings color back to the world while its owner says an emotional fairwell to a loved one.

Drawing inspiration from Scottish folklore as well as games such as Journey, GRIS and Lost Ember, in Farewell North you take control of a faithful border collie dog who is out in the Scottish countryside with their owner. Your owner is a young woman who plans to scatter the ashes of a family member, and on her journey she’ll rekindle old memories.

The environment in Farewell North is inspired by the Scottish Hishlands, Orkney and St Kilda and sees you using a boat to get around a cluster of small islands. The color is drained from the world, but you have the ability to bring parts of it alive and restore broken structures.

The demo build of Farewell North takes around 30 minutes to play through and really impresses with its tranquil setting, clever environmental puzzle design and touching narrative. You can really feel a bond between the dog and the young woman and they interact well together. Also the environments are beautiful, though you only really get to appreciate all the vibrant colors at the end of the demo!

Download The Farewell North Beta Demo Here (Steam)