Farfalle OS – Game Jam Build

Farfalle OS is a clever little metagame that sees you using a pasta-based operating system to help get that latest build of Magical Spaghetti Girl into production.

Farfalle OS is played entirely via a text based Farfalle operating system. The Farfalle OS is similar to Windows, but its DOS-style terminal uses commands that all have something to do with pasta – so you’ll type commands like ‘Listaroni’ to list all the files in a folder and ‘Folderoni <Folder Name>’ to enter a folder. There are quite a few commands to learn, but don’t worry too much about it as Joey Pistachio will tell you what you need to know…

Joey Pistachio is a game dev who phones up looking for some assistance in uploading the production build of his company’s latest game, Magical Spaghetti Girl. This isn’t too tricky as Joey will talk you through the process and you keep notes of the useful commands on the right side of the screen. Once you get to grips with the pasta based operating system it doesn’t take too long to upload the game files, but if you do a little digging you’ll find there’s actually far more going on than first meets the eye…

Sure, Farfalle OS may not be the future of operating systems, but it’s pasta-based command system sure has a lot of charm and it can lead to some revelatory moments! An interesting pasta-based OS adventure that’s cooked to perfection.

Note: You can press the up and down arrow keys to cycle through previous commands. Also, to go back up a directory press ‘Folderoni ..’

Download Farfalle OS Here (Windows)