Farlanders – Beta Demo

Farlanders is a turn-based Sci-Fi city-building game where you attempt to establish a human colony on Mars.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Kickstarter, Farlanders sees you attempting to terraform and colonize the Red Planet. In the game you’ll attempt to create a viable habitat for your citizens and turn the barren wastelands of Mars into fertile grounds. You’ll also be able to expand your colonies underground and discover alien artefacts and rare minerals hidden in the depths. It also promises over thirty unique technologies to research that will allow you to pursue different directions of colony development.

It’s an easily accessible, but satisfyingly deep take on city-building, with a nice mixture of terraforming, building and production line creation. It also has plenty of replayability thanks to its procedurally generated maps. See if you can help humans thrive on the Red Planet!

Download the Farlanders Beta Demo Here (Steam)