Farlanders – Kickstarter Demo

Farlanders is a management sim where you set out to colonize and terraform Mars to make a sustainable colony that’s run by a private company.

Set in the year 2048, Farlanders sees you attempting to build a colony on Mars at the behest of a powerful private company. You’ll need to think strategically as you manage your limited resources, build your colony and terraform the planet. Along the way you may also discover some remarkable secrets the red planet is hiding.

The current build of Farlanders serves as a prologue for the full game and sees you running a test colony on Earth before the Mars mission starts. You need to build a network of water pumps, fams, solar panels, factories and other vital buildings to help create a sustainable colony.

Terraforming forms a large part of the gameplay in Farlanders, with you able to place Tetris-esqe patterns of tiles on the landscape to alter it. The compatibility between the land and the terraforming tiles you use can be very important – for instance, if you drop water onto a flat area then it will just form ice, but if you drop it into a valley then it will form a lake.

It’s a very promising game, which manages to pack a lot of strategic depth into its compact procedurally generated levels. The pixel artwork is packed full of detail and the terraforming mechanics are cleverly implemented. See if you can tame the red planet!

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Download The Farlanders: Prologue Here (Steam)