Faron’s Fate – Beta Download

Farons Fate

Faron’s Fate (or Adventure Dungeon 2: Faron’s Fate to give it it’s full title) is a fun roguelike dungeon-crawler in which you explore randomly generated dungeons, fight all manner of fiendish foe and collect lots of stackable upgrades.

The gameplay in Faron’s Fate is clearly inspired by The Binding of Isaac, with you entering rooms vanquishing enemies and collecting loot.  At the end of each stage, you must defeat a big boss, then descend down even further into the dungeon.

It’s a fun game, and thanks to the procedurally generated level design and over 170 powerful items and upgrades to find, every run is completely different.  Those who have sampled the joys of The Binding of Isaac will find Faron’s Fate very familiar, but that’s no bad thing, there’s always room for more fun roguelike dungen-crawlers in the world!

Download the Faron’s Fate Beta HERE (Windows Only)