Fate of Kai – Alpha Demo

Fate of Kai is a very inventive puzzle game where you manipulate the character’s ideas to alter the way a story plays out in a magical comic book.

When you first open up Fate of Kai it seems like a fairly normal digital comic book, with you able to flick through and read at your pleasure. However, the way you interact with the book is very different and you can use words to alter how the story plays out.

As you flick through the pages of the book you will notice some words that can be clicked on and saved for future use. Each word can only be used once and the place that you use it can dramatically affect the story. Also, because it’s a comic book, you can flip forward and back through the story, allowing you to use words that you collect in the future in the past. There are also some other fun little ways that you can affect the narrative and you can even travel into other character’s stories to help change the events of your one.

It’s a very clever concept that uses its comic book mechanics in some very creative ways. It’s always coming up with fun new twists on its central conceit and some of the puzzles really require you to think outside of the box. A beautifully illustrated interactive comic book where you really feel like part of the story. Highly recommended.

Download The Fate of Kai Alpha Demo Here (Steam)