Fathom – Game Jam Build


Fathom, an impressive action platformer made for the Ludum Dare 32, has you bending time and bullets.

You play as a small robot who is able to control time, but is a prisoner, looking to escape a world full of bullet firing turrets. Seeking freedom, the only power you have to rely on is the ability to slow down time, almost to a halt. When time is slowed, you are then able to redirect bullets and destroy the turrets that shot them out at you.

Sometimes, bullets need to be redirected to power sources that cause force fields to be in your path. If you destroy all the turrets before destroying the power source, you will be unable to move on. Crate-like boxes are also scattered around the game, each with an upgrade that may be needed to continue to freedom. If at any point your robot is shot too many times, it is able to reboot itself, keeping the level basically how it was before you died.

Fathom may be short, but it is full of challenge and beauty.  A charming and inventive action platformer that will leave you wanting more.

Play Fathom in your Browser HERE

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