FEAR Online – Open Beta (Steam)

FEAR Online

FEAR Online, the team focused horror-themed FPS staring everyone’s favourite psychopathic psionic child, is now in Open Beta.

FEAR Online boasts a co-operative campaign that takes place within the same timeframe as FEAR 2: Project Origin, fast-paced multiplayer versus modes, plenty of blood and gore, and the ability to play as the Soul King – a ghost with limitless potential.  The Beta features a whole bunch of redesigns, upgrades and improvements from the Alpha builds, and looks like it’s ramping up the terror in the process.

The FEAR Online Beta will also be coming to Steam in just over a weeks time (17th of October), but those keen (or brave) enough can join in right now via the official website.

Play the Beta via the Official Website HERE

UPDATE: FEAR Online Beta is now on Steam HERE