Fear Syndicate Thesis – Game Jam Build Download

Fear Syndicate Thesis

Fear Syndicate Thesis is a bizarre little game created by the developers of Gods Will Be Watching, in which you perform brutal acts of mass murder for a mysterious syndicate.

The game is played in a small desert map that you can charge around on your bike.  It’s also populated with lots of NPC’s, all of which can be talked to, beaten to death, run over, lassoed and dragged behind your bike.  Once you speak to the Fear Syndicate representative, you’ll have to perform lots of these murderous acts for money, and then things start to get even more weird…

Funnily enough, the act of beating someone to death, lassoing them and dragging them behind your bike is a fun experience in Fear Syndicate Thesis (which is actually the point of the game).  A morbidly fascinating pixel-art murder-em-up.

Download Fear Syndicate Thesis HERE