Fear The Spotlight – Alpha Demo

Fear The Spotlight is a PS1 styled survival horror game where a schoolgirl searches for her friend in an abandoned school that’s home to a strange spotlight-headed monster.

In Fear The Spotlight you follow the adventure of a young girl whose friend has gone missing in the now abandoned Sunnyside High. The school was burned and abandoned twenty five years ago, and as you explore you’ll discover more about what happened there. However, you’re not alone – a monster roams the halls and if it shines the light from its spotlight-head at you for too long then you’ll die.

The Fear The Spotlight demo is fairly brief, taking around 15 minutes to play through, but it’s a lot of fun and has a nice mixture of puzzle solving, exploration and monster avoiding. The PS1 styled visuals look great and although a monster with a spotlight for a head may sound weird, it’s pretty scary when it gets you in its sights. Retro survival horror well worth shining a light on.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Fear The Spotlight Alpha Demo Here (Steam)