Fear The Spotlight – Beta Demo

Fear The Spotlight is a third person survival horror adventure with a PS1 inspired visual style, where two friends sneak into a school to perform a seance.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, Fear The Spotlight is a survival horror adventure set in a school that was once the site of a tragic fire. You and your new friend sneak into the school late at night and borrow a Ouija board from a library display to see if you can commune with the dead. Needless to say it works a little too well!

The latest demo of Fear The Spotlight doesn’t feature the camera-headed monster from the previous build, and instead focuses on the opening of the game, with the girls breaking into the school and using the Ouija. There’s some minor puzzle solving and stealth, but on the whole it’s narrative-driven (the stealth and puzzle solving will come into play more later on).

Fear The Spotlight looks significantly better than anything a real PS1 could handle, but it does a great job of capturing the style and atmosphere of classic survival horror games (Silent Hill especially). The environment is packed full of great little details, it gets very intense towards the end and a real stand-out is the voice acting, which is superb. You really become emotionally invested in the girls’ story and actually care when the shit hits the fan! Highly recommended.

Check Out a Fear The Spotlight Gameplay Video Here

Download The Fear The Spotlight Beta Demo Here (Windows)