Fear Underground – Alpha Demo

Fear Underground is a very strange side-scrolling horror game where a mediaeval knight crawls his way through a deadly labyrinth.

In Fear Underground you are a mediaeval knight who finds himself lying at the bottom of a very deep pit. The only way out is through a tunnel system, but the tunnels are filled with traps and grotesque creatures. To escape you’ll literally have to crawl your way to safety.

It’s unclear how things will change in the full game, but in the demo, you spend the entire time on your hands and knees, crawling through the tunnels. The fact that you don’t stand up once is a little odd, but it makes for a very unique and claustrophobic experience.

There are a few rough edges (particularly with the sound design), but it’s a very interesting concept and the environmental design is superb. All the little creatures you see wriggling about in the foreground/background really put you on edge, and there are some satisfyingly horrible ways to die. A spelunking horror game well worth tunnelling into.

Check Out a Fear Underground Gameplay Video Here

Download The Fear Underground Alpha Demo Here (Steam)