Fearful Symmetry – Alpha Demo

Fearful Symetry

Fearful Symmetry, a game being created by BrokenCog, is a delightfully hard pixelated puzzle game in which you control two different characters simultaneously while trying to reach the exit of each level.

You play as two different characters, who are bound together but live in alternate realms, moving in reflected motions. The left character follows your key inputs accordingly but your right character moves in the opposite directions. Mean that up is down, and left is right. Throw in some hard puzzle-based scenarios that include pitfalls, bear traps and even the undead and it slowly begins to dawn on you that it isn’t just a simple cake walk. Baring in mind that each character has the opposite movement pattern you are constantly checking each screen to make sure that both your characters make it safe without killing off the other. If you are unlucky enough to have one die, you must restart each level and try again.

The demo contains 6 levels that constantly get harder, adding new fiendish enemies and traps that are placed in convenient places to stop you dead in your tracks. Having to constantly keep an eye on each screen can play with your mind, causing you to think that you’re controlling the other character and accidentally hitting the wrong direction causing one or both of the characters to die. Fearful Symmetry’s 2D pixelated design is extremely nice and helps paint the picture of both realms you’re residing in. The music also increases the experience by slowly descending from happy and cheerful tunes to madness inducing tones, making it feel as though you’re traversing into some nightmarish field of existence. Fearful Symmetry is one of those game created to make you think cautiously but at the same time to not hesitate for more than a second, otherwise your next move could be your last.

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Download The Fearful Symmetry Alpha Demo Here (Windows Only)