Feather – Game Jam Build Download

Feather, a short and sweet little musical puzzler has you trying to repeat the melodies you hear as you make your way up through a broken birdcage.

In Feather you are a trapped little bird, slowly moving up and out of a cage in a tree. You move slightly, then stop to mimic the sounds you hear. These notes are at four different pitches, which you can mimic using “Q W E R” respectively. If you hit the right key, you will make the same sound that you heard. If you pick the wrong key, on the other hand, you will hear an average bird tweet.

Once you have the pattern correct, you will fly upwards, getting closer to being free. Feather really impresses with its stunning visuals and joyous audio. Following the audio, even with just four keys, does force you to pay close attention to the pitch of the wonderful noises you are hearing. It’s a very chilled out little musical experience well worth checking out.

Download Feather Here (Windows)