Featherpunk Prime – Alpha Demo

Featherpunk Prime

Featherpunk Prime is a gorgeously designed twin stick shooter being created by Super Hatch Games that shows heavy emphasis on its action oriented game play with an exp based skill system to further improve your feathery hero.

In Featherpunk Prime the Avereon Galaxy has been ravaged by the never-ending war. In the midst of this, Cybirdroid is profiting from both sides of the conflict. You are part of the weapons that Cybirdroid is selling, but you’re different. They call you a glitch, a malfunction. Instead of falling in line like the rest, you’re sentient mind refuses to do as to so you rebel against the war entirely.

You play as a mechanized flamingo ready to seek the truth of the war and uncover why Cybridroid is controlling both sides with its weapons. Armed with a pistol you must climb each individual tower to defeat each area boss and find the truth behind it all. Each level is randomly generated with enemies and layouts being different every time you start a level. The enemies themselves, a vast array of mindless mechanized entities, will stop at nothing to stop you in your tracks and have you dismantled in the process.

At the beginning of each level a new gun will spawn giving you more fire power to help crush your enemies. You can only carry two guns at once though, your pistol always being your default, which makes the gunplay extremely exciting. Throw in guns like mine launchers and shotguns with a mix of crossbows adds to the awesome gun show that is Featherpunk Prime.  Each enemy, and also other objects scattered throughout the levels, will drop Tekcells (little orbs of purple light) that will allow you to enhance and upgrade your Flamingo making it have more health, fire power and other special abilities to boot.

Featherpunk Prime showcases what good solid story telling mixed with adrenaline filled combat can be when done right.  Anyone that is a fan of Megaman-esque platform action games will get a massive kick out of this, as will anyone that fancies twin stick shooters. It’s time to Lock, Load and FLAMINGOOOOO!!!

Check Out the Featherpunk Prime Greenlight page Here

Download the Featherpunk Prime Alpha Demo Here (Windows Only)