You Fell Into a Pit – Game Jam Build


You Fell Into a Pit, a Random World Jam game, has you decked out in the most charming ghost costume ever, in a deep dark pit.

One day, while walking around, you fell into a deep pit. You were dressed like a ghost, so perhaps you figured you would float over the huge hole. This did not work out for you and now you must try and survive, as well as escape the seemingly never ending pit.

Each level in this game is randomly generated. As you get further into the pit, the levels stretch out longer, making you travel more to get to the end. You must jump and dash across each level to make it to a dark door. This door will then take you to the next level. There are also spikes and other ghosts to watch out for. Unlike you, these ghosts are not just wearing a costume. They will come towards you or blast ghostly slime balls up towards you.

You may not be able to see these enemies at first, as the light is focused on you, so it casts shadows into the darkness of the rest of the level. If you get hit, or touch a spike, you will be knocked back and lose a life. There are also deeper pits inside this pit. Falling down those will not kill you, but will cause you to keep moving forwards to the end.

There are also many stackable upgrades to help you out along the way. Some of them include lightning that increases jump height, blue shoes that increase sprint speed, red hearts that replenish your life, and silver hearts that add more heart capsules to you. These really do help when it comes to surviving the pit. If you are able to travel through many levels without dying, you might find the end and make it out.

Will you be able to find the way out of the pit, or will you be wandering forever, like a ghost?

Play You Fell Into a Pit on your Unity supported browser HERE