Felvidek – Beta Demo

Felvidek is a comedic mediaeval fantasy RPG adventure where an alcoholic knight sets out to stop a plot against the king.

Taking place in an alternate history in the mediaeval Slovak Highlands, Felvidek is a very stylish isometric RPG Maker game with a touch of surrealist humor. The story follows an alcoholic knight called Paul, who sets out to investigate an explosion in a nearby castle and uncovers a plot to kill the king. He now needs to gather some companions and stop the conspirators (preferably while still staying sober!)

The turn-based combat is pretty basic and the dialogue could do with being trimmed down a little, but aside from that Felvidek is a very promising game. The setting is interesting, the characters are fun (and less generic than most RPGs), there are plenty of secrets to discover and the art style is fantastic (particularly in the cutscenes). A very promising mediaeval fantasy adventure that doesn’t just retread old ground.

Download The Felvidek Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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