Femme Fatale – Student Game

Femme Fatale is a Hitman-esque infiltration and assassination game which sees you using seduction, stealth and occult abilities to complete contracts in a 1920’s speakeasy.

Created by the Art FX School of Digital Arts, Femme Fatale puts you in the roll of a an assassin/spy who carries out contracts for criminal organisations. As well as being able to seduce and use stealth, you also have access to three unique occult abilities – a Batman detective vision ability that highlights targets and useful objects, a moth ability that can be used to distract people and a kill ability that strangles a target and makes them disappear.

The current build of Femme Fatale features one large playable map which consists of a restaurant and a secret underground speakeasy. There are three different missions you are offered, but it only seems possible to choose one of them at the moment – an assassination mission that requires you to infiltrate the secret underground speakeasy and kill a Mafia boss.

The stealth assassination gameplay of Femme Fatale isn’t quite as deep as the likes of Hitman, but it’s still very impressive. The restaurant and speakeasy are beautifully rendered environments, your occult abilities really come in handy and there are multiple different ways to achieve your objectives. Highly recommended.

Check out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Femme Fatale Here (Windows – Control Pad Required)