Feral – Prototype Download


Feral is a beautiful first person hunting game in which you play a large cat-like predator who must hunt down prey to survive in a vibrant landscape that’s full of strange beasts.

In Feral you play a big feline predator who stalks around on an alien landscape, hunting for food, whilst avoiding being eaten yourself (you’re not the only predator here). Much like how real big cats hunt, you use your heightened sense of hearing and smell to track your prey and must sneak your way within striking distance before pouncing – you can run short distances, but anything more than that and most of the types of prey will be able to outrun you and escape.

The Avatar-esque world of Feral is a joy to explore, full of lush vegetation, vibrant colors, strange alien beasts and jaw dropping scenery – such as gigantic animal skeletons and an active volcano. After successful hunts, you’ll be able to return to your cave, feed your young and even unlock new upgrades that will turn you into even more of a badass feline hunter.

It’s a remarkable game, that we really can’t wait to see more of as it’s great fun exploring the world, stalking your prey and going in for the kill. A fabulous first person feral feline simulator that’s well worth sinking your claws into.

Note: Unless You Have an AZERTY Keyboard, We Highly Recommend Playing With a Control Pad

Download The Feral Prototype Here (if Download won’t start You Can Download it Here Too)