FetchQuest Rally – Game Jam Build

FetchQuest Rally is a silly fusion of fast paced fetch questing and rally driving which sees a grumpy gnome assisting a rude rally driver.

In FetchQuest Rally you take on the name of Bucket – a gnome who pops up into existence inside a rally car in the middle of a race. The rally driver is a bit unfriendly to say the least, but he needs your assistance to stand any chance of winning the rally. He promptly sends you on a series of fast paced fetch quests, which you need to complete as fast as possible to keep the speed of his car up (and win the race).

The gameplay in FetchQuest Rally is pretty simple once you get the hang of it (you’re literally just fetching items that the driver shouts for) but it’s a fun little game, with a wonderfully weird premise, great artwork and some very funny voice narration. A short and silly fetch quest racer well worth taking for a spin.

Download or Play FetchQuest Rally Here (Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser)